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AKΣ Scholarship Fund

The Alpha Kappa Sigma Scholarship was established in 1996 by the Alpha Kappa Sigma Trust. It provides annual awards to students in good standing at Northeastern University, who are members of the Alpha Kappa Sigma fraternity, based upon financial need, academic performance, community service, and fraternal spirit. Essentially, five percent of the principle of the endowment is awarded each year to a student, or students, deemed worthy by the Trust and Northeastern University.


Please follow these instructions to donate to the Scholarship fund:

  • Go to the Northeastern Online Giving Form
  • Enter amount you want to give
  • Under "Designations" select OTHER.
  • Under "Special Instructions", type in that the contribution is for the Endowed Alpha Kappa Sigma Scholarship ID# 060947 ONLY
  • Fill in your personal information
  • Under the "In Honor or In Memory" section, check the "In Honor of (living)" button and fill in: Karl Schwartz, 423 Concord Road, Bedford, MA 01730-2038
  • Submit the form

Past Recipients

Year Name
2017 Quincy Els
John Gonzales
Jerome McKeever
2016 Forrest Perkins
2015 Joe Donovan
Frank Marino
Forrest Perkins
2014 CJ Grasso
Dan Simeone
2013 CJ Grasso
2012 Frank Marino
2011 Chris Hockey
2010 Chris Hockey
2009 Matt Little
2008 Chris Prochaska
2007 Jesse Appel
Matt Little
2006 Sean Hughes
2005 Greg Bertoni
Jesse Appel
Matt Miner
2004 Marvin Carter
2003 Arra Derderian
Jason Jones
2002 Arra Derderian
Steve Mach
2001 Arra Derderian
Dan Sullivan
2000 Jason Halmen
1999 Will Lee
Dan Sullivan
1998 Jason Halmen